What are lug nuts? what do they do?

Lug nuts, or lug bolts, are the small hexagon-shaped metal objects that hold your wheel onto your car and since your car moves at high speeds, it is essential to use the right one with the right specifications, flying wheels on the highway are no joke especially if the wheel is flying across to the opposite side of the highway.  



  • Conical or Tapered Seat: cone-shaped lug seat
  • Spherical or Ball Seat: rounded lug seat
  • Mag Seat: extended thread area and a flat washer seat
  • Flat Seat: flat, washer-like seat
  • Extended Thread: ET conical-shaped seat with extended thread for more thread engagement
  • Tuner Style: small diameter using a unique key on the outside end with a conical seat
  • Small Diameter Spline Drive: small diameter that has spline grooves with a conical seat


Lug bolts are essentially lug nuts that have the stud attached to them. They are typically seen on European vehicles, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and VW. When installing lug bolts, it is essential to ensure that they are not too long for the wheel which can cause movement issues. Check that the lug bolts are not too long by spinning the wheel while it’s off the ground, making sure it has 360-degrees of motion.